Deadline: January 30, 2020

The Count Me 2020 Census Fund of San Diego and Imperial Counties brings together philanthropic dollars to complement State funds already being deployed in our community. These funds will be administered by San Diego Grantmakers through a steering committee comprised of community members directly involved with “hard to count” (HTC) populations and/or knowledgeable about Census outreach. Feedback from the community and organizations conducting Census outreach was incorporated in the grant priorities and decision-making process. 


A total of $365,000 is currently available, made possible through support from Alliance Healthcare Foundation, Blue Shield of California Foundation, Silver Giving Foundation, and San Diego Gas & Electric. The number and size of grants will depend on applications received. We anticipate significantly more applications than funds available. 


Applications submitted by the following shall be given priority.

  • Grassroots organizations led by HTC community members with strategies developed by hard to count individuals
  • Hub organizations that have a core mission and continuous practice of civic engagement that are conducting Census outreach and/or providing support to grassroots organizations doing Census outreach; they may distribute funds via sub-grants if that is part of their strategy [Civic engagement: encouraging community members to participate in political and non-political processes that influence their quality of life]
  • Imperial County: 10-15% of funds will be committed to outreach in Imperial County; priority will be for organizations located in Imperial County
  • Outreach to HTC communities known to be under-reached or under-funded


Grant recipients will be required to:

  1. Report outreach activities through a paper report or via at least every two weeks
  2. Submit a brief final report in August 2020 based on the goals, outputs, and outcomes identified in their proposal

Application Instructions

Submit your application online via this form no later than January 30, 2020. If submitting your application online presents a barrier, we can provide a computer or an address to submit a paper application.


  • If you submitted a proposal to the United Way of San Diego County and nothing has changed in your strategy or the conditions in the community, you may submit that document as part or most of your application. Please attach it below and add any updated information you want to share. If you choose to submit your previous application, you must still complete questions 4 and 7 and the budget.
  • If you did not submit a proposal to the United Way or you wish to submit a new proposal, use this form.

If you need translation into languages other than English or other accommodations, please contact or 858-875-3332.


Please do not hesitate to contact Megan Thomas ( or 858-875-3332). We are happy to answer questions and provide feedback on your proposal and will respond as soon as possible. It is best to reach out well before the proposal deadline, which is January 30. 

San Diego Grantmakers